L.E.S.T. 1 Archives and Mission Logs

    All LEST1 operations, past and present are documented here in large downloadable text files. All downloaded information should be wiped from your computer before you log off, as the data packets contain tracing signals. Please note all of these files are FULL logs and transcripts of team conversations and actions that may require some parsing and LEST code knowledge (see bottom of Information Page on SFRPG site) in order to understand. As such they are garbled, lengthy and difficult to read. Some transcripts are not included or fragmented due to a recent loss of one of our databases in the past, unfortunately. With these files however there is more than enough information to determine the Shadow Crusader's performance and general method of operation as well as their effectiveness in battling the Venomian threat. As usual, no information here is to distributed to anyone but authorized personnel.

Mission 4: Silo Siege

    The Shadow Crusaders proceed to take action when intelligence determines that a Venomian missile base on MacBeth has capability of Inter-Planetary missiles that could reach and devastate Corneria. LEST1 is dispatched to disable the site and take any and all data stored there. As well they are to extract secret agent Korso from the site. Things do not go as planned when an elite mercenary group calling themselves Foxwynd are stationed at the base. Various problems seem to be more than LEST1 can handle and they are subsequently captured. Zenobia Steadfast, a reliable mercenary has been sent to help the Crusaders along but it appears she's having her own problems.



Mission 3: Triarch Base Retrieval

    At the insistance of David Miller and various factions within Cornerian Command, the next mission of LEST1 was to retrieve information, and their captured friend from the Zoness Venomian Research Base, Triarch. This mission demonstrated the first purpose that was planned when LEST1 was created. Taking undercover personas, whose transfer records were recovered from intelligence, the Shadow Crusaders went about covertly to discover the location in the base where Terrin was being held. Though the rescue and escape was far from flawless, and resulting in several major injuries, the mission overall was a success, though the condition of the one they rescued is still pretty grim dispite the time that has passed.


Mission 2: Life or Death Rescue

    The Shadow Crusaders second mission was necessary due to the consequences of mission one. Apparently, one of the assumed destroyed transporters on Fortuna was actually taken by Star Wolf. LEST1 was dispatched to resolve this loose end from their last mission. Well equipped for such a mission, they set about tracking the captured transport down. What proceeded was a set of strategical and tactical errors that continually confounded the team. They were only able to retrieve 7 of the 16 missing soldiers as a result and lost one member to Star Wolf. Captured. However to their credit they managed in both a massive space battle and through the actions taken onboard, managed to destroy the Venomian Carrier 'Chokkai' before escaping.


Mission 1: Fortuna Under Siege

    This mission was the first action the Shadow Crusaders took against Venom. It was also the first joint effort of any LEST team with Star Fox. Though things went roughly in spots, LEST1 performed quite while as a team that had just started out. The casualties to the transports bringing in reinforcements to Fortuna Base by Star Wolf was quite a downside, but the defeat handed to them afterwards did bring things to an all around equal level. The mission was quite successful on the Shadow Crusaders part despite the collateral damage inflicted to the second floor. 


Training Mission

   The first members of LEST1 are brought together in massive virtual reality training test against some of the best Cornerian pilots and soldiers that could be brought together from the battle lines. After a long, massive battle between LEST1 and the base defenders we see the Shadow Crusaders come out on top, even after battling Star Fox, cleverly rendered as Star Wolf. Due to the massively size of the group by the time the mission had ended it was decided that the original LEST1 team was to be split into two teams. Thus LEST1 and LEST2 was born.