L.E.S.T. 1 Information and Notes

    The Shadow Crusaders were created under the strategic ideas formed in a War Council over two years ago. The purpose of this team  was to get an edge on the Venomian forces by creating a secret Star Fox caliber team that would work around enemy intelligence to sabotage many installations and plans while Star Fox continued with more overt battle victories. However, shortly after the conception of LEST1 there was no choice but to thrust them into the battle for Fortuna. The success of this mission after LEST1 was inserted into the field proves that they are quite capable of taking on threats in the open as well as under the cover of secrecy. Unfortunately, it appears that in the months following Venom intelligence has become aware of the presence of this team, and has set out to even the ground. So far no reports as to the outcome of this have been found, but we advise all personnel to stay alert.

General Information

Team History