Mission 1: Fortuna Under Siege

Situation: Quite ironically, we find ourselves in the same situation presented to you during the simulation. Fortuna is under heavy attack by Venomian troops and fighters. Andross no doubt is after the valuable data contained in the base revealing many of our troop positions, supply lines and other vital information. As you read this the Fortuna base is weathering the enemy attack well. However since Fortuna is a small base with little troops or fighter support, this is not expected to last. Reinforcements cannot be called from Katina as Andross has stationed a large blockade there, where most of our troops and fighters are stationed. As a result, we must use what we can spare form Corneria's defense force and other nearby forces. You are to be dispatched along with a contigent of Cornerian soldiers, troop carriers and Bulldog class fighters, to Fortuna to protect the base at all costs. It will be a race for who will gain control of the base first, I suggest you get to the base before the Venomians as the base security is relatively light. Beware of friendly fire. Our troops have been holed up in that base for hours waiting for someone to barge in. On a separate mission, StarFox will assist you in your entry to the base, and will be attempting to repel the attack. You are to help them AFTER the threat to the base from troops has been neutralized. You will be provided with blue prints to the base along with your standard equipment. Because of the limit of our resources and time we can only provide you with certain requested materials.

Your mission: To protect the base and make sure it's information does not fall into enemy hands. There have also be reports that a visiting Admiral has been trapped in the base since the beginning of this attack, if they are true he is to be protected at all costs. Finally the enemy is to either be eliminated or captured for interrogation.

Mission Objectives:
Primary: Protect the Fortuna base
Secondary: Protect or Destroy data Mainframes, Find and Protect Visiting Admiral, Capture or eliminate enemy forces.

1 Mydron-SXL Laser Pistol Each
1 Intek Pulse Laser Rifle Each
1 Rorynex Laser SMG Each
5 Extra Energy Clips
5 Grenades Each (Your choice of type. explosive, frag, incenidary, flash, concussion)
1 Flak/Ablative Tactical Vest Each
1 Commlink Each
1 Melee Weapon of Choice Each.
2 Paw Cuffs Each (To restrain POWs. Something you overlooked last time)

Note: There are various weapons scattered in the base that you are able to use as well as extra clips and grenades