Mission 2 - Life or Death Rescue

Dispite your incredible feats at Fortuna and the fact that you all need time to recover, we unfortunately must send you all on a new mission immediately. As you may or may not have heard we have had several people search the remains of the destroyed transport. There are in total 17 missing soldiers from the wreck. There was signs of another transporter landing nearby and some evidence of foot prints leading to it. We cannot be sure because of a small snowstorm has erased most of the traces of evidence. We believe the missing persons were captured by Andross' troops and forced into the transport which most likely will be heading for Venom, Titania or MacBeth. You are to find and intercept that transport and rescue all those Cornerians on board. At the moment we have absolutely no idea what you'll be up against or exactly where you'll be heading but if Andross has those soldiers most likely he'll be able to use what intel he can get out of them. If that happens we are in trouble. A majority of those missing were officers that knew much about our current situation so if Andross gets them to talk we're in for a world of hurt. Time is of the essence in this mission. If you are unable to find, track, capture, and rescue the soldiers before they reach their destination not only do you fail but if you are on board the transport you will also most likely will be captured or killed along with them. If you have found the transport but are running out of time you are instructed to destroy it completely. It would be better for the military and indeed the soldiers for them to die quickly instead of info being tortured out of them. You will be provided with all the equipment you will possibly need to get this done quickly and effectively. Including... for the instance that you are captured... Zyronide capsules... You are NOT to allow Andross to know anything about the LESTs. If you should be captured and cannot escape immediately you are instructed to take the capsules which will kill you in less than 3 seconds. Do not attempt to endanger your lives by trying to get the soldiers back alive unless you believe you can do so. We are not to sacrifice LEST1 for 17 soldiers or officers. We have no maps, plans, enemy force, or any intel on this op at all. You're going in blind with the small exception of the list of names of the missing soldiers. Good luck and come back in one piece...

Mission Objectives

Primary - Locate the transport and eliminate any escort ships.
Primary - Rescue or kill the estimated 17 Cornerian POWs on board the transport.
Secondary - Protect the MFB and Raider transport from attack.
Secondary - Hijack or destroy the transport.
Tertiary - Capture Venomians for Intel

Names List

Lt. Jordan Ryan - Cougar
2nd Lt. Micheal Davis - Ocelot
Cpt. Jason King - Bulldog
Cmd. Keith Jenson - Hawk
Private Jerry Knight - Raccoon
Corp. Thomas Winston - Wolf
Corp. Graig Johnson - Porcupine
Private Brad Sutherland - Weasel
Cpt. Amy Thiessen - Mouse
2nd Lt. Shannon Walker - Coyote
Private Gloria Hillert - Badger
Private Laura Edwards - Panda
Cmd. Chris Silanpaa - Fennec Fox
Private Norissa Cloud - Sparrow
Corp. Jessica Norton - Rabbit
Cpt. Kiel Woods - Buck
Private Andy Taylor - Red Fox

Equipment List

Note: Equipment is light since you will not be on foot long. Just long enough to free the prisoners or hijack the transport and transports are relatively small so little opposition will be on board... supposedly.

2 Nakajemi Sunbeam Laser Pistols each
3 Grenades (your choice) each
1 Melee weapon of choice each
1 Boot knife each
1 CommLink each
2 Pawcuffs each
2 Extra energy clips each
1 Class 2 Protective Vest
1 Zyronide Capsule each (For use only if you are hopelessly captured)

6 Arwings (required as they are already prepped and there's no time to prep personal craft)
1 Leopard class Scout ship (Needed to scout position of transport, also pre-prepped)
1 Raider class armed transport (In case hijacking is not an option, Will saty with MFB until called)
1 MFB class repair ship (Will stay at a position 3 minutes away and not closer, IS NOT ARMED)

All ships are equipped with cloak to ensure they are not detected. Each Arwing is also equipped with 5 nova bombs (max) and double lasers. The leopard carries a double light laser setup. To ensure complete stealth Laser beam LOS (Line of sight) communication must be used which is enabled on all ships. This method of communicating will be unreliable in combat and on high speed manuevers however. The Leopard class ship is equipped with ECM and Active probe packages to detect the transport but CANNOT use them while cloaked. Whoever is piloting the Leopard must be sure to stay out of any engagements at all costs.

Good luck Shadow Crusdaders... we await your victorious return.