Mission 3: Triarch Base Retrival

Mission Outline:
This mission requires the utmost care to complete. It is a covert op. You will be given the identities of several Venomian soldiers found to be dead from the Black Avengers recent attack on Crusaro Base. The profiles which you will need to assume to be successful are found further in this report. The base you will infiltrate is know as the Triarch base which is located on Zoness, submerged underneath the toxic waters in the middle of the largest ocean, which obiously makes it very hard to mount an attack against it. The base itself has 3 levels and the platform above water which is where you'll be landing in very beat up looking Venomian Armed Transports. Unfortunately these are the only hyper capabily Venomain ships we've been able to capture. Therefore it is imperitive that you make your escape either without alarming the base or capture a hyper capable fighter for the trip back, as you will not survive the defenses if there were to be an alarm and you only had the transports. The base itself is more of a research and science station though it is well guarded and manned. For this reason it is believed to be a possible holding location of the lost member of your team, Terrin Fox, as the signal transmitted by Wolf was traced to the general grid of space around Zoness and Macbeth. This is to be a secondary objective however and is not to be risked unless success is assured. The main objective of this mission is data retrival. The base contains much information about Venomian research projects especially in the areas of bioengeering and genetic manipulation. We require a majority of this research info to devise a counter to the growing threat of Andross' bioweapons. The base will also have information about the possibility of Terrin being in the base, or if current enough, may hold the location of Terrin as he is undoubtably going to be an interest to the bio research teams on this station.You will be provided again with all neccessary equipment to accomplish this mission, as well as anything you feel is neccessary to assist you, provided it is available. A slightly outdated floor plan layout, recovered from Crusaro as well, is provided for the second level of the base, which is the only floor of interest in the mission. It holds the main data stores and mainframes as well as most of the research labs. The first level is the administration and security level. The 3rd contains primarily housing for scientists and guards as well as minor and unimportant labs and holding cells. If you should be captured we will have a team standing by for a rescue if possible, it is found that the Zyronide capsules prove ineffective in bypassing chemical scans and so are removed upon capture, making their use impossible. Hopefully the situation will not become as drastic as to require a rescue or other measure. Good luck Shadow Crusaders.

Mission Objectives:
Primary: Retrieve as much data as possible from the mainframe computers scattered around the second level and escape without alarm.
Secondary: Rescue or find the location of Terrin Fox, believed to be of scientific interest to Venom.
Teriary: Do not harm any civilian scientists on board.


Standard Venomian Uniform with Proper Unit Badges.
Standard Venomian VSL-25 Laser Sidearm (15 shots per energy clip)
Extra energy clip
Boot Knife
Standard Venomian Commlink
Standard Venomian ZX-4 Armored/Ablative Vest
Keycard Code Breaker
Standard Venomian Chronometer with built in Micro Short range Stun Laser (5 charges)
10 Terrabyte capacity Optical chip (for downloads)
2 Mini Smoke/Gas Grenades
PADD with mainframe connective and code breaker program.
Any other concealable or relavent equipement requested and available.

Above equipment is provided to each team member.

In order to succeed, this mission requires, successfully assuming the identity of a Venomian soldier that fits your description. These are provided here. Take care in memorizing this information.

Jack Tarson:
Vladimir Jorgennson. Age 31. Captain of the 5th NovaStars, known for his particularly instable personality and lack of caution. His tactics in fighter combat also on the ground are described as able to easily throw the enemy into disarray, such it the unpredictabilty of it. He also has taken a hobby in interrogation, being especially brutal. He is brash, uncharsimatic and what may be described as an overaggressive lunatic. He does respond well to questioning and usually with prefer to deck someone than answer anything that may question his actions or behavior. No family or known relatives.

David Miller:
Micheal Yori. Age 22. Corporal of the 18th Dark Fliers. Has a younger daughter named Cleo, mother died giving birth. Known as a very down to earth soldier, Micheal is just serving his planet as many Venomians do. He preferes to plan carefully before rushing in and during combat is characteristically cool and calm, knowing when to attack and when to regroup or retreat to fight another day. His personality conflicts directly with Vladimir's.

Alistair Duncan:
Herald Jackson. Age 20. Private of the 18th Dark Fliers under the command of Micheal Yori. Most members of his family still survive though he is unmarried and without children. He approaches combat with reflection, often quoting poem lines and famous figures speeches often in the middle of combat to inspire others. He is a polite and friendly person and a conscript to the war. He doesn't feel the needs to fight but does what is required of him.

Jared McConner:
Kent Mirant. Age 19. Lieutenant of the 4th Night Blades. An expert in markmanship both in and out of a fighter jet, he is oddly friendly with an arguementally good sense of humor out of combat. In combat however he is serious and concentrates firmly on his target or task, often to the point where he doesn't notice many other things, like new orders coming in. He has been in military court on more than one occassion because of it, but has not yet been court martialed successfully. His brother, Kyle is the other surviving member of his family.

The other members of your team are currently incapacitated with injuries... You four will be the only one's going in.


Good Luck Shadow Crusaders and God speed!