Mission 4: Silo Siege

Mission Briefing: 

In the last 4 hours we've received word that Andross has successfully completed a new weapon of mass destruction, our informant Korso, is currently stationed at one of the few missile complexes dotting the landscape of Macbeth. Usually these silos house surface to space anti-capital-ship missile but as we have been informed that is no longer the case. Andross has developed a weapon capable of delivering a Multiple Individual Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV) warhead to other planets. The technology is neutron detonation based though on a scale large enough to inflict 90% casualties to the entire surface of a small planet leaving non-organic structures and materials virtually untouched. These Inter-Plantary MIRV missiles are confirmed to only be housed at this one installation however, and so we must eliminate the threat of these weapons of mass-destruction as soon as physically possible before they can be used against us. Korso is to meet you on the 3rd level to help in the elimination of these weapons. Since he is the only one experienced with weapons of this magnitude you must assure his survival in order to safely sabotage the missiles, which must be done at all five levels of the base and the missiles. In addition, all mainframes and computers at the base must be secured and blanked completely of their data on the weapons. It is preferred to get a copy of the data in case Andross should have the data to re-create the missiles elsewhere so we can find a weakness to the weapon. You will fly to the base under stealth and land to infiltrate. Security is tight so you must be discrete until you are on your way out, reinforcements to the base are not far off. You must All equipment will be provided for restricted by the time until the mission, so only reasonable available equipment can be provided. Your mission objectives are as follows.

Mission Objectives:

Primary: Meet with informant Korso on 3rd Floor and escort him to 1st Level.
Primary: Sabotage the missiles at all five levels, assisting and guarding Korso when needed.
Primary: Copy or Delete all information on all of the bases mainframes.
Secondary: Get Korso out alive.
Secondary: Do NOT harm any civilian scientists in the complex
Secondary: Destroy the missiles and the base if at all possible.


Starting Equipment:

1 Stealth-equipped Arwing
2 Silenced Cytix CSL Heavy Laser Pistol w/ 2 Extra clips.
1 Heavy Flak/Ablative Combat Vest
1 Combat Boot Knife
1 Set of Pawcuffs
2 80-Terrabyte Download Optical Chips
3 Light gas Grenades
Any other requested equipment.