Training Mission

Note: This is a SIMULATION, you will not be actually killing real people but instead you'll be defeating other players. If you are hurt the program will simulate your injuries and you will feel a small electric shock. If you are killed in the SIMULATION you will simply exit the program. You will be playing against some of Corneria's best pilots and soldiers so don't underestimate them.

Situation: A base enemy fighter base threatens our counterattack plans. Reports are sketchy but so far we have been able to infilitrate most areas of the base. After transmitting the base layout our agent was caught and summarily killed. The bases manpower is not know but estimates show that their will be at least 20 soldiers on board and unknown numbers of pilots and officers. The space stations has a thick fighter cover as well as space defenses. Apporach will be difficult. Security is also very high in this complex, not all rooms have been explored and the base may have stepped up security becuase of our agent.

Your Mission: You are to infiltrate the station and either capture it from enemy hands or else download any enemy information form the mainframes and destroy the station. You will be given any equipment you request to complete the mission. Our agent informed us that the command center on Level 3 can only be accessed by activating several switched throughout the level, If you are to complete this mission, you must get control of the command center. Our agents also informs us that the only access to the station is through the two main fighter bays on the first level, which are heavily guarded. Any other way in would requires cutting through the stations thick hull. Also essential to the completion of the mission is the destruction of any active fighters and their pilots. You cannot capture or escape the station with enemy fighters in the air. To destroy the station (if it comes to that you must find the ammunition stores or the main reactor core and plant explosives. That is all.

Primary - Capture Station or Retrieve Info and Destroy Station
Secondary - Eliminate any fighters and/or their pilots
Secondary - Eliminate soldiers on board

Equipment Given:
1 Mydron-SXL Laser Pistol Each
1 Intek Pulse Laser Rifle Each
1 Heavy Zeus Laser Cannon
5 grenades Each (Your choice of type. explosive, frag, incenidary, flash, concussion)
1 Flak/Ablative Tactical Vest Each
1 Commlink (Like Fox's but smaller and way more hightech) Each
2 ZX3 Plastic explosive charges Each.
1 Melee Combat Weapon of Choice Each