Alistair Duncan

Age: 22
Sex: Male
Species: Lion

Background:  Alistair comes from the Scottish Highlands of Corneria.  He is decended from the Silver Mane Clan.  This clan was a major help to the Corneria forces when they were fighting those space pirates in Sector Z decades ago.  Alistair keeps the tradition of his clan alive by getting into the acadamy and eventually into the Star Fox team.

Skills: If he's not the leader of the squadron he's in, Alistair will
try to figure out the enemies's weaknesses weither its a fleet of ships,
or a really tough lieutenant, Alistair will always come up with a great
idea to take the opposition down. His technical skills are right up
there with Slippy's by making new modifications to the his arwing and
his greater ability of using the Landmaster.

Special abilities: Alistair is very proficiant with a swordskills
although his lazer markmenship is improving very well.

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