Military Archive

"Heh, good luck getting in there, it's one of those restricted rooms, only for the brass, y'know.", she says matter of factly as you move toward the door. The wolf guards look down at you with distain until you produce your ID card. They suddenly become more courteous as they notice your clearence, and let you by. You give a quick wink at Trisha as her jaw drops, before slipping into the room. You look around and find the place is filled with stacks of data pads arranged in rows on high shelves that extend quite a ways in the distance. You have to give an impressed whistle, and then set about to find the needle in this haystack that you wanted to see.

Session History and Logs

Log files are Here! Warning they get VERY confusing and we often go off track or ICQ has problems, and due to the size of these suckers, I'm NOT going to spend the rest of my life sorting out all the errors. Another warning I am bad with typos, most of the time I think that's the leading cause of confusion. Finally, I've decided that it would be easier for me to do log files in COMPLETE missions rather than Sessions. It means I don't have to update logs as often and it means less confusion in sorting through them. Also I have lost some of the logs so there will be some holes until I can replace them.

Beta Test

Beta Test - The beta test envolving a mass sim of the best pilots and soldiers of Lylat.

LEST1 - The Shadow Crusaders

Mission 1 - Fortuna Under Siege - A lot missing. Andross' forces attacks Fortuna, LEST1 is sent to stop them.

LEST2 - The Black Avengers

Katina Blockade Mission - LEST2 attempts to free up some reinforcements for Fortuna and LEST1.
Crusaro Base Mission - The Black Avengers tackle a Venomian front line base... and confront a Cornerian traitor.

Mission Profiles and Objectives

Training Mission - Performed in an advanced computer simulation. Designed to test and train the LEST team.
Mission 1 - Fortuna Under Siege - The Shadow Crusader's first mission. Defense of the Fortuna base from attack.
Mission 1 - Katina Blockade - LEST2's first mission. Extraction of reinforcements through break in blockade.
Mission 1- Operation Phoenix-Steal - LEST3's first mission. Capture the Venomian flagship.
Mission 2 - The Missing Players - LEST1's second mission. Rescue captured POWs from a Venomian transport.
Mission 2 - Crusaro Base - LEST2's second mission. Siege Crusaro base and capture a traitor to Corneria.