Avia Flyr

Age: 19
Sex: female
Species: hawk

Background: When Andross launched his first attack on Corneria, he destroyed one sector of Corneria City; the sector where Avia's parents lived. They were both killed, but amidst the rubble, their daughter's egg was found. Once the egg hatched, General Pepper took the young bird into his custody. He raised her in secret and trained her to be a pilot. Avia was naturally gifted at flying, and was admitted into the Air Force at the age of 9. However, she was forced to leave when she was 12 for safety reasons. Even with the extra precautions, she was abducted by the young Wolf O'Donnell and taken to Andross where she was ordered to give out the secrets of the Cornerian Military. When she refused, she was given an injection to erase her memory and was left out on Venom's surface to die. Fortunately, she was rescued, and taught all of the skills she used to know. She later joined the Star Fox team, but her past still must remain a secret.
Okay, that was longer than I thought it would be, now let's move on, shall we?

Skills: Excellent piloting skills, very good aim with a blaster and extremely good at unarmed combat.

Special abilities: Limited telepathy and telekinesis.

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