David Miller

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Species: Golden Eagle

Background: David was born on Corneria, and lived a rather normal life until he was 16. When Venom attacked Corneria his life fell apart like so many other's. he got hit worse than most though. His family, his friends, even his classmates, were slaughtered when a nuclear weapon detonated in his town during the effort to get Andross off-surface. He was gone on a visit to the academy at the time though. he was taking a tour, considering joining it when he heard the news. He was crushed to say the very least. He blamed the military for the collapse of his life, for not moving fast enough to evict Andross. His town had been destroyed because Andross had demanded he be let free to Macbeth without being imprisoned. When the military refused to deal, he nuked a town every minute. By the time the military caught him, 6 towns were gone, including his. Because of his hate for the military David became a mercenary. he asks for rather low prices for jobs, feeling no one should be paid for killing life of any sort. He does accept money though, he has to live somehow. He really wasn't a religious person until the death of all he knew. now he is. He can't very well live without at least believing his family and friends are still with him. David fights for 2 things. to avenge the death of his family and friends, and to prove that the military is useless.

Skills: Starship commandeering and strategy are his specialties. He's also not a half-bad dogfighter, but he's still the one likely to be in trouble in a fighter. He has yet to command a starship though (since he cannot afford one), but he does wish to one day. Strategy still helps him out of most dogfighting jams though. He's not one to fall into traps, since he's the one setting them for his enemies most of the time. He's also a bit of a klutz, which is why it's so surprising he's a worthwhile strategist. He is also a swordsman, although he possesses no kind of energy-deflecting sword like Fang. But if you ask him to an old-fashioned duel, expect him to pick a sword as his weapon, not a blaster.

Special abilities: Can sense feelings of other characters in sight.

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