Flyer Fox

Age: 19
Fruit Bat

Background: Born on venom to parents who were detatched from the rest of the Lylat System, Flyer was originally named Kalihn Malech, but was taken at birth by Venom forces, his parents killed trying to protect him.
'Kalihn' was used, like many 'stolen generation' Venomians as experimentation, but was a lucky one and was freed. Changing his name to Flyer, he travelled to Corneria and enlisted in the Cornerian Army. After an incident involving a bunch of recruits being killed, and Flyer and others risking thier lives to stop it, Flyer was put into a group designed to stop pirate activity, but knowing his luck, he gets drawn into multiple situations.

Skills: Medium skilled pilot, average combat skills, more suited to stealthy ground missions, as he has a thin build more suited to running than punching.

Special Abilities: Can use his natural senses to 'see' in the dark to a degree, and has wings which he can't fly with, but he can use to glide.

Other things: normally very calm and collected, and enjoys keeping himself to himself. That doesn't mean he won't talk openly or help out when needed, he just prefers being quiet.

Times: I'm usually available to RP on Fridays or Staurdays at varying times. I'm in Australia which may be a problem, but I believe I can work round that.

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