Information Booth

As you and Trisha approach the small booth a small vixen looks up from a computer terminal and smiles slightly. Despite the drab uniform she wears you notice that she is quite attractive. "Can I help you?"
You stumble over your words slightly before Trisha takes over, "Yeah, he's new here and he needs to know all the important stuff.", the raccoon smiles back at you.
"Alright, I'll just get all the papers.", the vixen pulls a small pad out of the desk drawer, and plugs a small cord into it. After a few keystrokes she hands you the pad, "This should have everything you need, except registration, that's done over there.", the fox waves a black fingertip over to another desk a few meters away.
You smile and manage to say, "Thanks" as Trish nearly has to pull you away.

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What is an RPG?
An RPG or Role Playing Game, is a game where you take control of a character in a made up world. You get to fight, talk and interact like in real life. The outcomes of your actions are determined by rolling dice and applying rules. You could impress a high ranking official or you could end up being charged with treason in the same scenario. You have to react to changing situations like in real life so in a way an RPG is like playing yourself in a more exciting life.

What is a Gamemaster?
A gamemaster or GM is the the person who decides where you are and where your going. He also does all the work dealing with the dice rolls and such tasks. In the RPG he is God (not trying to offend religious people here). In this RPG, I am the Gamemaster, but there may be opportunity to switch roles sometimes.

So do you do stuff in an RPG?
Simple, you say you are doing it. Just a warning though, anything that you do must be reasonable and fairly detailed, if not, a gamemaster has the right to ignore what you said or punish you... More on this in the Rules section.

What is Munchkinism?
Munchkinism, Godmoding, and Powergaming all mean the same thing. Taking advantage of the rules or the gamemaster to make their character unstoppable or infinately powerful. This is one thing I will not tolerate. An RPG is supposed to be fun, there's is no fun in always winning and destroying everything without a challenge.

How do you do RPGs?
RPG are usually played by a group of people that get together and chat about their characters actions and such. We will be doing this using ICQ's chat ability. We talk over the chat line about what we're doing and how it happens and the results. More on this in the Requirements section.

How do you determine what will happen in the RPG?
It's all mostly done with dice rolls. In this RPG you have two sets of stats. Your skills and your attributes. When you roll dice the value of one of your skills or attributes are compared to the number rolled with some modfiers included and if the number rolled is lower than your value then you succeed or something good happens. If rolled above then you fail or something bad happens. If you strike even then you might succeed but not get very good results or nothing happens.

What is a Skill?
Skills are what you listed in your character profile. Each skill is given a value between 1 and 10, the higher the better. Skills are what you use when attempting to do something like shoot the enemy or do a loop in your fighter. As such they are VERY important and should be chosen carefully. The GM assigns values to skills based on the description of them in your profile.

What is an Attribute?
An attribute describes your characters state of mind and body. There are five attributes: Strength, Agility, Cunning, Charisma, and Willpower. They are used when ever something happens to your character and the results need to be determined. Examples include being shot, resisting torture, charming your way out of sticky situation. Often attributes are used somewhat like skills but not often. Your attribute values are chosen by the GM based on your description, past and often skills.

What is a modifier?
A modifier is a number used to change the chance of something happening. It is a positive or negative number that is added to the rolled value when you need to roll. Depending on the circumstances the modifier will make it more difficult to shoot an enemy say if he's behind cover, or make it easier if he's wide open and not moving.

What is experience?
All RPG's have a system that allows your character to improve their abilities and grow over time. Your experience is a gauge of how you're character is growing. Experience is measured from 0 to 100 points. You can use a certain number of points to raise your skill and attribute levels, get more credits (money), or save yourself from poor dice roll results. Once you hit 100 points you MUST spend them before any more experience can be given.

Anything else?
Not that I can remember at the moment. If you have any more questions e-mail me at

RPG Info ---

This RPG was actually conceived of almost a year ago. It took me a long time to figure out how exactly to run it and then think up the rules. Orginally I had a HUGE text file containing a whole bunch of complex rules (brought on by my experience as a GM and tendancy for perfection) but luckily a good friend of mine, Kitt NightStalker (With his own ICQ chat RPG) showed me the way. You will not even experince any real rules now because of this, it is all in etiquette and rules of conduct. Another friend of mine, Star Wolf, erged me on and made some good images for this website. Yet another (who was actually my first co-worker on this), Miyu Lynx (aka Prowler Panther), helped me out with suggestions that were very interesting. Put all that together and you have this StarFox RPG.

The general storyline will be completely StarFox, no Star Wars, Star Trek or any other subject getting in the way. I dispise crossovers. It will take place a while after the StarFox 64 game storyline. However there has been different results. The Lylat War is in it's 5th year. Because of his cloning program, Andross is alive and well. The Venomian Empire is very far from crushed. StarWolf still runs wild and hunts StarFox actively somehow managing to survive. Basically it follows some of the concepts in the comic and in a few fan fics.You will notice this RPG will not be as quick to go through a war as quickly as the game does so don't worry, there will be plenty of fun to go around. The storyline will move on as the RPG does and hopefully I will begin posting the story so far as soon as I get my full site up.

Requirements ---

MSChat (Download here)
This is the main program that SFRPG now uses to run it's sessions. It is superior to ICQ in many ways including being vastly more reliable and easier to use and type on. Also a neat little edition to this thing is the ability to play sounds if people issue certain commands and you have the correct sounds on your computer. You can get a special
SFRPG Sound Set that will heighten the RPG experience too. Composed and organized by Terrin Fox and David Miller it lets you hear sounds for certain events.

Recommended - ICQ98 or 99 (Download at )
This is a great messaging program but is with it's faults. Originally the chat in this program was used by the SFRPG but it has proven itself to be unreliable and has been replaced. All current SFRPG members have it so often it is a good way to keep tabs on the SFRPG goings on as sometimes the e-mails don't tell you everything.

Lots of spare time
I won't kid you. RPGing takes a long time to get anywhere. If you don't have time to spare don't bother. On average I'd say that if the GM was efficent and the game isn't interrupted it might take a continous 4 hours or so to get through an average scenario. It's harsh but there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

A Scedule
This RPG needs a scedule to make sure everyone can come. If a person misses a session then they might not know what's going on during the next one. If you join make sure you can be on at a certain time all the time. This is also harsh and the fact that everyone has to have the same time free makes it difficult but again there's nothing I can do.

An e-mail address
Needed for when I scedule sessions. Also keeps you informed of any new events and sessions times, or changes to the rules. It will remain confidential to me only. No other RPG member will get it unless you tell me to.

A creative mind
It takes a lot of creative thinking to solve problems I will throw at you during the RPG and you must be able to be specific, detailed and concise when RPGing. Not for those who have never read a book.

RPG Rules---

All the rules ae listed below. Please read them before asking to sign up as there's stuff you need to know down there. All the rules here are more rules of conduct than any real rule so don't be intimidated.

1. Keep the storyline in the StarFox universe. NO StarWars, StarTrek or human characters or related weapons or ideas please. No magic as well. This is Sci-fi.
2. Try to keep things sane and realistic. Occasionally we need some weirdness but not all the time.
3. Please be prepared for an RPGing session. Don't ruin it for others.
4. The Gamemaster (Me!) is god. You disobey my rules or if you or your character goes against something I say, then you're gone.
5. You only have certain equipment when I give it to you or you ask and I say you can have it. In this RPG you can't pull a bazooka out of your pocket.
6. You need to make up a character (including name, age, species, job, background info and possible skills and experience) to join. If you need help I'd be happy to.
7. You control only your character, no one else's, this is no storytelling session.
8. Powergaming, Godmoding,and Munchkinism is prohibited. (See the RPG FAQ)
9. Playing requires recieving some files and URLs over ICQ or e-mail during play, nothing big but if you are uncomfortable with this then don't join.
10. Please leave personal disputes out of the RPG. It wastes precious time.

That's about it. Don't be too intimidated by those rules usually I cut a lot of slack. If you don't understand all of those then e-mail me with some questions at