Jack Tarson
Played by J. Wolfman

AGE: 28
SEX: Male
SPECIES: Spotted Hyena

-- Born in Corneria City in a wealthy, militaristic family.
-- Menafang Tarson, his father, was a general in a large Titanian Army
-- Attended the Macbeth Citadel, graduating 10th in his class three years later.
-- Enlisted into the Cornerian Military and rose to the rank of Corporal by the time Emperor Andross declared war.
-- When the Alpha Armored Division ("The Roaring Demons") of the Cornerian Army was fully developed and launched into active duty during the first month of the War, Jack was ordered by General Pepper to be in charge of the Division, but only when the situation is needed.
-- Jack is more of a fighter pilot than a leader of an armored infantry division, but he does take pride of being in the AAD (Alpha Armored Division).

-- Expert marksman with a repeater laser rifle (like a machine gun).
-- Experienced on driving and handling a Land Master and a Cornerian-standard fighter jet.
-- Limited paw-to-paw combat experience, but is strong enough to deliver a decent punch.
-- Alert and accustomed to pain, due to the vigorous exams of endurance during his time in the Citadel.
-- Myrmidon in behavior, but can decide whether the command given upon him was ethically right or wrong. Would rarely disobey an order however.
-- Intelligent in the field of ancient Titanian cultures and due to his wealthy family, he has high connections to influencial people in Corneria, which included General Pepper.

-- Militaristic and unemotional at times of duty, often with the excuse that the enemy must not see his emotional "weaknesses".
-- Engaged to be married once the War was over to a childhood friend and current lover. Often thinks about her (Rheia Stitch).

TIME SCHEDULE: Varies, but mostly available on weekends (Saturday preferred) Pacific Time

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