Janos Ayanda (nickname is Stickman)

Age: 21 years old
Sex: Male
Lylatian Panther

Background: Janos was born on Corneria in a small vilage called Junon. As he grew he became one of the best pilots in the local area. When he was old enough he joined a group of the Cornerian Elite Forces that speciallised in infiltration, known as Rouge Infiltrate. Some months later Andross' troops attacked the area and Janos' village was destroyed and his family killed. During his time in Rouge Infiltrate he befriended a Lylatian Tiger by the name of Yosh GreySon who was an expert in Tai-Fu (The Lylatian equivilent of martial arts). Yosh trained Janos in the ways of this strange and ancient art form for many months until one fated day. During a training exercise in which Yosh was training the young apprentice how to defend with the C'Tan Phase Sword (Janos' favorite weapon) Yosh slipped and ended up severing Janos' right arm. He underwent extensive surgery to stay alive but was unable to keep his arm. After the surgery was complete he dissapeared to an atmosphere bearing planetoid in the outscurts of the Lylat System. While he was there he constructed a mechanical arm made of titanium with the strength to punch through most walls. This newly constucted arm gave him back the ability to use a blaster, his converted C'Tan Phase Sword and pilot his beloved Ar-Wing once more. Several months later he re-joined the Cornerian Elites but stayed well clear of the secret group known as Rouge Infiltrate.

Skills: Ability to punch through most walls and doors with his metal right arm but not foot thick titanium walls/doors. Is almost a master in Tai-Fu and is a wizz with a C'Tan Phase Sword. He can fly most ships and is adept in the mechanics of Ar-Wings and can also fly one with no wings.

Weapon of Choice: C'Tan Phase Sword (no this is not off Star Trek) which is a sword made from a material which is slightly out of phase with our reality and there are only a few people in the known galaxy that can handle one. Also uses a blaster pistol and flys a custom built Ar-Wing.

Revelations: Would like revenge on Yosh GreySon and Andross for the murder of his family.  

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