Flight Deck

"Hey! Wait! Where are you going?", Trisha calls out as you head for the hanger.
"I got some things to take care of...", you reply as you look over your shoulder, "I'll be back!"
"If you say so...", she turns and walks back into the crowd as you approach the hatchway. A couple of German Shepard guards are posted at this door and this time insist you produce ID. You show it to them and they let you pass with some scrutiny. You sigh as continue to find yourself some transport.

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This Star Fox Web Ring base is commanded by Terrin Fox.

Yes, I'm on the StarFox Web Ring. Look for number 74! That's me.

This site is great! It's got practically everything on StarFox and it absolutely rules! Okay... I'm done.

Avia's Flyr's Star Fox Page
Avia Flyr's StarFox page. She has one of the best pages I've seen and was really supportive to the RPG.

Fox's Crew, the largest StarFox site ever
Greg Gant's huge SF page. Has the most hits of any other StarFox page. A Must!

StarWolf's StarFox Sim
The StarFox Sim that I and half the RPG Players are in. It's slowly dying and we need more members to keep it alive!

The best place to get your fan fics! Owned by the master himself. J Wolfman! He was kind enough to link to me.. well he is a member after all.

Starbase 601
Another member site. David Miller's great site for a bunch of stuff. He's got a whole unique history to what he thinks the StarFox Universe is. Lot's of good... and weird humor. Go here now!

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