Age: 20
Sex: Female
Species: Rabbit

Background: Born and raised outside Lylat,  Mariko is very secretive about her past.  She ran away from home due to an arranged marriage, learned hand-to hand, among other skills in her travels, came to Lylat about a year ago, she's been away from home for about 5 years. Has a mild accent (Japanise), seems very quiet, almost withdrawn at times, but don't underestimate her, she's full of surprises.....

Characters Skills: Pilot, Wanderer, Bodyguard, Messanger, for hire.  Not exactly a merceinary.  Can do some spy work if needed, Melee Combat, Very Stealthy Ninja.

Special Abilities: Has some mental abilities, mild telepathy, empathy, and slightly higher telekinitics.  Can fool or dupe others on a regular basis, doesn't work 100% of the time.

Time I can be on: M-F, 8pm-10p Sat and Sun, Any time with at least a day notice...

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