News From the Front

"You haven't heard the news yet?", the racoon asks as you move over to the holoviewer, "We been able to hold our ground against Andross's forces so far and we pushed him back from Katina, but we still haven't been able to make any significant gains...", she pauses for a second, "Say... you wouldn't happen to be part of that elite group would you? Rumors have been flying that Pepper was bringing the best in...", she said hopefully.
You smile slightly and give her a confused look, "I don't know what you're talking about..."
"You are aren't you!", her eyes light up as you try and ignore her look, by watching the news...


Hello! Welcome to the new site! I spent quite a while working on this thing so you better appreciate it. Haha. Anyway, this are progressing well here at the StarFox RPG. More people are getting interested in it, which I like alot. It's a shame I don't have room for everyone but that's okay, I'll find me more GMs yet. If you didn't already know, this RPG was created to extend the experience of those great StarFox games. This thing here is not a video game, but instead an almost MUCK like experience with people chatting and acting over ICQ to situations that a Gamemater creates. If you are confused please go see the RPG FAQ and such at the Infomation Booth.

Hello again furries. A whole month has gone by and OH MY GOD WE HAVE OPENINGS!! I'm sorry I neglected some of those people who e-mailed to join in the past and I hope that if they're still interested they drop another line. Currently we have a spot open for LEST3 and soon I'll be creating the long awaited LEST4... still no GM at the moment but I hope to remedy that soon. If I get a flood of applications at this announcement I'll push to get LEST4 running ASAP, maybe even GM it myself for a while.

No fanfics or badges YET. I'm organizing a mass meeting to get these ideas together... You'll have to wait. In another announcement... I'm switching from ICQ to MSChat. Why? Because ICQ is being a $#&*#@& with my new connection... and it's not performing at all. LEST1 will start using MSChat soon and after a few test runs it will be the program of choice. MSChat also comes with most Win98 systems so that a definate plus as well. Some not so pluses are that MSChat is not without problems... but it is preferrable to ICQ at the moment... very much so... See the Information Booth for more Info.

That's it for now... see ya later!

"Hide fox and all after."

- Terrin Fox

Mission Times

The Shadow Crusaders - Every 2nd Saturday at 1:00pm Central
The Black Avengers - Unknown
LEST3 - Unknown

Lylat News...

Welcome to Lylat Today, with your anchor Darrel Jenson...

"Thank you. A cheer of victory today as Andross' forces were repelled from Fortuna with the combined efforts of StarFox, new liberated Katinian reinforcements, and a small team of some of Lylat's best soldiers and pilots. As we speak the reinforcemnets are securing Fortuna and enhancing it's defenses to resits future attacks. The Casuality list for this massive blood bath on our side was an estimated 227 deaths. Most of which were Cornerian soldiers onboard the transports that were destroyed by StarWolf. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the brave souls that died. However a preliminary search team has discovered that there are approximately 17 Lylatians unaccounted for umong the wreckage so far. Further information is being withheld at the request of the military."

"In other news, General Pepper has made a startling declaration that the young stable hybrid fox/cat found at Fortuna has been released into the custody of David Miller, a mercenary who not long ago threatened the doctors at the Cornerian General Hospital. Pepper insists that it is in the best interest of the young boy, and refuses to subject Terrin to further testing as it may be inhumane and difficult in the boys young age. One can only wonder at the wiseness of his decision."

"General Pepper still refuses to acknowledge the rumors of the creations of elite teams saying, 'To do that would mean reducing the effectiveness of some other combat units which is not a viable option at this time.' Rumors still continue to spread however within the LAAF (Lylatian Alliance Armed Forces) and one wonders where these rumors are coming from considering the military's official denial of such forces."