An Example of An Online RPG
One warning here, this example contains a large amount of swearing and gory descriptions and
situations so watch out! It's too bad I couldn't get a cleaner example, but there's is none
without gore or swearing, sorry!
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin still isn't here...			(Had to leave for a sec there)
<CyberDegu_64> is he?
<CyberDegu_64> Ah .... never mind....			(CyberDegu_64 is the Gamemaster here)
<Terrin Fox> Seems to happen every time...
<CyberDegu_64> Anyway, you all hear a large hummmmmmmmmmmmmm overhead....
(When GM just types something like this. It usually describes your situation or details.)
<Nightstalker> hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<CyberDegu_64> hummmmmmmm!
<Nightstalker> *look up*				(Stars * denote an action in this RPG)
<Nightstalker> *towards the hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!*
<Angel > "need alittle help here"		(Quotations " denote a character talking)
<CyberDegu_64> You see four patches of distortion. suddenly, sythe start jumping out of nowhere
(Sythe are weird big very advanced aliens intent on invading earth. We try and stop them)
<Nightstalker> "Kickass!!!"
<Nightstalker> *find a nice flat spot*
<Nightstalker> *unobstructed*
<Angel > OOG ~ what arm did I get hit in?	(OOG means Out of Game, for questions and stuff)
<Terrin Fox> "You blow up our dropship and you want to fight!? You're asking for it!!"
(Yeah, a missile from their ship blew our ride home to bits)
<Angel > right shit
<CyberDegu_64> When the sythe ships leave, there are 20 sythe on the ground. All have nice 
shiny swords, and what looks like Battle axes and Maces. (They like Hand to hand I guess)
<Nightstalker> *crack my neck and shoulders*
<CyberDegu_64> They're staring at you three, and all is quiet....
<Angel > *opens pike* "lets play	(Pike is a collapsable staff. Babylon 5 Reference)
<Nightstalker> *Open into my fighting stance*
<CyberDegu_64> 17 sythe stand up straight, and three advance. one to each of you.
<Angel > *stands at ready*
<Nightstalker> how?
<Terrin Fox> *puts a hand on my katana and grins at Sythe* "Come on."	(Oh yes I love swords)
<CyberDegu_64> andy> ready stance, flowing forward.... waltz....
(Andy is NS's real name and NS means NightStalker)
<Nightstalker> left or right side foward?
<CyberDegu_64> Oh good god this is going to take a while...... oh well....
<CyberDegu_64> Ns> left		(Name> beside it means you're talking only to that person)
<CyberDegu_64> whenever.....
<Nightstalker> I'm waiting for him.
<CyberDegu_64> andy> swing, chest level, left to right.		(Describing a Sythe's attack)
<Nightstalker> drop to my left knee and back sweep with my right leg*
<CyberDegu_64> ns> trips
<Terrin Fox> *waits for Sythe to get close and make the first move*
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> overhand mace swing at your right shoulder
<Angel > *waits for my turn*
<CyberDegu_64> dave> right kick, chest		(Dave is Angel's Real name.)
<Angel > *block with pike, poke in the Sythe head*
<Terrin Fox> *Quickly jump slightly to left then in a lightning fast stroke draws the sword and
 slash up and right keeping left hand on sheath*
<CyberDegu_64> Dave> Recoils, screams, blood flying from the eye socket, drops weapon
(Dave is Angel's Real name.)
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> miss, sword skips off his helmet
<Angel > *thrust end of pike to front of face (sythe)*
<CyberDegu_64> NS> Stands, starts circling
<Nightstalker> *Stands, cresent kick to the chest.*
<CyberDegu_64> Dave> what are you aiming at?
<CyberDegu_64> NS> Left shoulder hit, drops weapon
<Terrin Fox> *left hand bring sheath in an even quicker and harder stroke to weapon arm*
<Angel > *FACE OF SYTHE*
<Terrin Fox> Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu! Sou-Ryu-Sen! (My sword technique and the move I just did)
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> through the armour and through the flesh, into bone, nice clink sound, 
drops weapon
<CyberDegu_64> angel>
<CyberDegu_64> sorry.
<Nightstalker> *high side kick, upper chest*
<CyberDegu_64> Angel> break his wrist, which is over his face because of the eye wound, and he 
falls over into the stream
<CyberDegu_64> NS> A few cracks and snaps, his breath is liquidy.
<Nightstalker> is he attacking or trying to regain control of breathing?
<CyberDegu_64> ns> breathing
<Angel > *jumps on to troat of sythe, moves pike to one hand, uses other to get my knife and 
sticks knife in to the his throat*
<CyberDegu_64> angel> lots of blood, some screaming, dies, blood mixes with water, next sythe 
moves up.
<Terrin Fox> *A flurry of slashes at Sythes chest, at blazing speed, too random to block all of
<Nightstalker> fine...*palm to up into face (hopefully shoving what ever bone is there, into his
<Terrin Fox> Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu! Ryu-Sou-Sen!(Same sword technique, different move)
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> more blood and screaming, he slowly collapses and dies
<Angel > *waits for Sythe to make fatal mistake like his buddy did*
<CyberDegu_64> NS> Cracks, blood all over your hand, a woozy look comes over whatever face he 
has left, and falls dead.
<CyberDegu_64> ns and terrin> next!
<Nightstalker> "NEXT!!!!!!!"
<Terrin Fox> "Bring it on!!"
<CyberDegu_64> Angel> sythe pulls out pocket knife, which to you is more like a bigass rambo 
knife, and throws it at you
<Angel > *ducks out of the way*
<CyberDegu_64> NS> Sythe runs, forward roll ending in throwing a bola
<Nightstalker> where?
<CyberDegu_64> Angel> 1d10	(GM is asking Angel for a # between 1 and 10)
<CyberDegu_64> ns> legs
<Angel > 9
<CyberDegu_64> Bola> two heavy balls attatched by a long cord, used to trip up
<Nightstalker> I know what a bola is
<CyberDegu_64> Just making sure.
<CyberDegu_64> dave> the knife clangs on the ground behind you
<Angel > *swings pike hittting the side of that sythe's head"
<Nightstalker> take a step forward front flip of the ground af the ground avoiding the bola
 and into the vaulting axe...please!!
<CyberDegu_64> angel> satisruing crack, he regains balance and punches you in the ribs.
<CyberDegu_64> NS> Up, bola hits rock, down, KRACK.
<Nightstalker> Did I kill him?
<Terrin Fox> *waiting patiently for next sythe that wants to try his luck.*
<CyberDegu_64> ns> he ain't movin.
<Angel > *my rambo, to jug area of sythe*	(Big knife slashing open jugular vein.)
<Nightstalker> oog> does that mean I should pick it up and kill it?
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> sythe advances with two sabres
<CyberDegu_64> ns> if you want
<CyberDegu_64> Angel> more blood, but the blade gets stuck in his neck bone
<Terrin Fox> "Oooo. Big man. Let's see what you got."
<Angel > *wiggle the knife to open the woond
<Nightstalker> Where is the group of Sythe in relation to me?
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> He swings overhand(left) at your shoulder, follows through with right 
hand cross-chest swing
<CyberDegu_64> dave> got your knife, another sythe advances.
<CyberDegu_64> ns> about 5 meters away, infront of you.
<Angel > *waits*
<Angel > "I love the smell of blood"
<CyberDegu_64> Angel> he chucks his sword off into the forest, goes into some strange fighting 
<Terrin Fox> *flips backward a couple meters and grins*
<Nightstalker> *start off in a cartwheel then transition into back flips, until I reach
 the group.*
<CyberDegu_64> andrea> they notice, and part	(Andrea is NightStalkers Character)
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> advances slowly
<Nightstalker> *stop and assume fighting stance and wait for a quote unquote attacker*
<CyberDegu_64> ns> they circle you, and one advances, with a big STICK!
<Nightstalker> how attacking?
<Angel > "you dumb ugly fuck" waits for him to move in
<Nightstalker> thrust, slash, other?
<CyberDegu_64> ns> not, yet.
<Nightstalker> okay
<CyberDegu_64> angel> forward dash grapple
<Angel > oog ~ whats a grapple
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> leaps into the air about to swing
<CyberDegu_64> angel> hand hold.
<Terrin Fox> *Flips backward again and using momentum of flip smash katana into the ground. The
 force of this hit causes the area of ground hit to explode forward pelting the sythe with 
chunks of rock and clumps of dirt and sand.*
(Yes it's a little much but the GM said I could in a private message)
<Terrin Fox> Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu! Dou-Ryu-Sen!
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> the sythe is now pissed because you got a pebble in his eye.
<Angel > *waits for the ugly mother fucker to get close enough then plant the pike in his chin*
<CyberDegu_64> ns> sythe advances, low sweep L-R
<Nightstalker> with the stick?
<CyberDegu_64> angel> hits, follows through with a crescent kick to your chest, falls backwards
<CyberDegu_64> ns> yes
<Angel > *thrust pike in to teh ball region of sythe8
<Terrin Fox> *Rushes forward and ducks underneath the sythes swords, thrust swords between the 
legs and jump upward and into Sythe avoiding sabers.*
<CyberDegu_64> angel> crunching, high pitch squeling from the sythe
<Nightstalker> leaping spinning round house kick over the stick (at his head or as high as I can
 get my foot)
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> you succeed, but get slashed in the side by his dropping blades
<Terrin Fox> How bad?
<Angel > *knife to inner thigh next to groin*
<CyberDegu_64> ns>hid his head, he stumbles left
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> not bad. like the worst papercut ever.
<Nightstalker> did he drop the stick?
<CyberDegu_64> angel> more quealing, more blood
<Terrin Fox> And the Sythe?
<CyberDegu_64> ns> no, firm grip still
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> sputtering, in convulsions.
<Angel > *knife say spot other leg*
<Nightstalker> *move in on the Sythe, unless someone else is closer*
<CyberDegu_64> Ns> the one standing behind you who is not in the fight yet
<Terrin Fox> *Slashes the Sythe throat.*
<CyberDegu_64> knife say spot other leg?
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> he's quite dead now
<Nightstalker> *no move in on the one I started with*
<Angel > knife same spot other leg sorry
<Terrin Fox> "NEXT! Now serving number 3."
<CyberDegu_64> ns> sythe jabs at left shoulder, then swings it around at your head
<Nightstalker> GM> is it a pointy stick?
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> they're all watching andrea's fight.
<Nightstalker> does he make contact with my shoulder?
<CyberDegu_64> ns> no, it's a bigass bo.
<Nightstalker> does he make contact? sorry
<CyberDegu_64> ns> in dodging the jab, he was able to get you with the swing. He missed, hit
 right shoulder
<CyberDegu_64> angel> He stops screaming
<Nightstalker> *grab the bo if I can and kick him where his ribs should be*
<Angel > *kick him im the abbs*
<CyberDegu_64> ns> he recoils, loses bo
<CyberDegu_64> everyone, 1D6		(GM asks for a # between 1 and 6 from everyone
<Nightstalker> 2
<Angel > 3
<Terrin Fox> 6
<CyberDegu_64> Angel, NS> 6 sythe run away, start scaling the cliff face
(That happened as a reuslt of the numbers we chose above)
<Nightstalker> is the bo ido I have the stick?
<CyberDegu_64> if I am correct, there are 4 left
<Nightstalker> do I have the stick?
<Angel > can I shoot one?
<CyberDegu_64> ns> you have his stick. your kick knocks him to the ground
<CyberDegu_64> angel> can you?
<Nightstalker> Is there a standing one near me?
<Angel > well I went to get my guns and you said I got it so
<CyberDegu_64> Yeah, a meter to the left
<CyberDegu_64> angel> you have your guns
<Nightstalker> *take the bo in to a fighting stance and advance on the sythe to my left*
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> still watching andy fight, bored from no action
<Angel > then I'll shot one in the head
<CyberDegu_64> angel> hit. He falls back, dies
<Angel > *shots another*
<CyberDegu_64> ns> he doesn't notice you, he's laughing at the sythe knocked over on the ground
<CyberDegu_64> angel> miss
<Angel > Shots again aiming for head
<Nightstalker> *swing the bo R to L on to the side of the laughing sythe's head*
<Terrin Fox> "Alright that's it!" *Marches over to the group of Sythe and takes a swing at one's
<CyberDegu_64> angel> close, but miss. there are only two left on the cliff, the rest have 
climbed over
<Angel > shotting agian
<CyberDegu_64> Terrin> your blade is now inserted in a sythe's skull, between where his ears
 should be
<CyberDegu_64> ns> you knock him over, he looks like he passed out
<Nightstalker> oog> cool
<CyberDegu_64> angel> miss. one left now
<Terrin Fox> *pulls it out and looks at other Sythe* "See what happens when you don't pay
<Angel > Shots emptying clip
<CyberDegu_64> angel> miss, miss, and hit.
<Nightstalker> *Drop the stick and proceeds to break the Sythe's neck*
<CyberDegu_64> angel> shin glance, he turns, says something feircely, leaves to catch up
<CyberDegu_64> ns> crack, snap!
<CyberDegu_64> 1 left
<Nightstalker> where?
<CyberDegu_64> About 3 meters away from you
<Nightstalker> doing?
<Terrin Fox> *takes another swing at the neck of the last one*
<Nightstalker> nevermind
<Terrin Fox> Hehe
<CyberDegu_64> He pushes this button on his chest just before terrin hits, anfalls over
<Angel > are there any left on the ground
<CyberDegu_64> angel> yeah, about 15. all dead or dying.
<Terrin Fox> "NANI-DATTE!! (What the hell?)"	(Japanese. I speak a little.)
<Angel > sweet
<Nightstalker> *regain my breath, pick up the bo again, walk over to terrin* "What?!?!"
<Terrin Fox> *poke Sythe with end of sword* "He pushed a button and fell over..."
<Nightstalker> "Well, ge I guess they'll be expecting us now."
<CyberDegu_64> His skin is a pale green, and looks melty....
<Terrin Fox> "Oh. You think?"
<Nightstalker> "Hey No'Har, how you doing?"
<Angel > "A little brused and pissed"
<Nightstalker> "not enough baddies for you?"
<CyberDegu_64> well....
<Angel > "never..."
<CyberDegu_64> Have fun?
<CyberDegu_64> That's it.
<CyberDegu_64> Just kidding.
<CyberDegu_64> There's more...
<CyberDegu_64> as soon as you get in the bunker....
<Angel > "I can believe I misses thoses fuckers on the cliff"
<Terrin Fox> *pokes some more then tries to roll it over with a foot.* "Better not melt on my 
boots or sword piece of shit."
<Nightstalker> "We all have our off days."
<CyberDegu_64> terrin> he's dissolving
<Angel > *reloads gun* "I hate off days"
<Nightstalker> "Anyways, Terrin you don't playing with that...If so I'm sure there are more 
things to kill at that bunker."
<Nightstalker> "Let's get moving."
<Nightstalker> GM> do we know where the hell we're going?
<Terrin Fox> "Yeah but just making sure it wasn't a bomb or something."
<CyberDegu_64> YEah, look at that map.
<Angel > *walks over to the melting thing* "you know if you dont stop picking at it, it will
 never heal"
<Nightstalker> Just wondering if the characters know where they're going.
<CyberDegu_64> angel> hee hee hee
<CyberDegu_64> You know where you are going, how are you going to get there? you're all within
 that red circle.
<Angel > walks over to cliff and starts to climb
<Nightstalker> Ummmm... No'Har there is an easier way.
<CyberDegu_64> angel> you can't climb the cliff. to loose to hold your weight.
<CyberDegu_64> Don't ask how the sythe did it, they were prepared.
<Nightstalker> no they weren't 
<Angel > but the 7 foot tall 800 lbs can>>>
<CyberDegu_64> Ok, they walked up the ramp to the south. happy?
<CyberDegu_64> Sory, west
<Nightstalker> "Anyway there is an easier way...if we follow the river/creek, there is a slope 
that will be much less stressfull to climb.
<Angel > just saw it
<CyberDegu_64> There are to visible ramps.... to the left, and accross the bridge, or follow 
the crevice, under the bridge, and up the ramp.
<CyberDegu_64> two
<Nightstalker> Wait
<Nightstalker> we have to get up on top from this side of the bridge.
<CyberDegu_64> well?
<Angel > well what
<Terrin Fox> I dunno, either isway is good.
<CyberDegu_64> gonna shoot the breeze all day?
<Angel > dont care
<Terrin Fox> I don't know if I want to rely on that bridge being very... safe.
<Angel > why dont we cross the bridge
<CyberDegu_64> Good idea.
<Nightstalker> we have to get to the top of the cliff first.
<Terrin Fox> Then let's go already.
<Angel > right next to the scale there is a gap we can get up there
<Nightstalker> brad says no
<CyberDegu_64> No?
<Nightstalker> even though it is clearly marked as a slope.
<CyberDegu_64> I say no nos!
<Angel > but its on the map
<CyberDegu_64> I said it's a slope, I said it's not an arrow....
<Nightstalker> then we can go up there.
<CyberDegu_64> Yes.
<Nightstalker> why did you tell me no then?
<CyberDegu_64> Does it matter? I thought you meant something else.
<Terrin Fox> *Sheaths sword and starts walking West to the ramp* "You guys coming or not?"
<Angel > yes
<Nightstalker> "yea"
<CyberDegu_64> odds or even		(Asking to pick odds or even. 50-50 chance thing)
<Nightstalker> o	(odds)
<Angel > even
<Terrin Fox> odds
<CyberDegu_64> NS&terrin> as you reach the crest of the path up, you see a large cement pillar
 infront of you, where the black square is. 
(because me and NightStalker both picked odds we both see the thing and no one else)
<Nightstalker> huh?
<Terrin Fox> "Oro? What's that?"	(Oro is equilivalent to Huh? in Japanese)
<CyberDegu_64> IF you look around, you see there are equally large pillars where the other 
black squares are.
<Terrin Fox> *I look around and see the other pillars*
<CyberDegu_64> AYAD?		(And you are doing. Telling us to hurry up and do something)
<CyberDegu_64> you see the other pillars, and the sythe are nowhere to be seen
<Nightstalker> fuckno...carry on
<CyberDegu_64> You reach the crevace/divot, and you see a concrete wall with a steel door on it.
<Nightstalker> How is it operated?
<CyberDegu_64> You don't see any sort of buttons or aparatus, just a steel plate in an alcove
 of a concrete wall
<Nightstalker> great...we found a wall, yeah!!!!!!!
<CyberDegu_64> hint> look at your equiptment list
<Nightstalker> let me guess and magical dorr opening devise.
<CyberDegu_64> Sorry.... blowtorch...
<Terrin Fox> *whips out a blowtouch and sparks it up* "oh yeah." *Sets to cutting the door open*
<CyberDegu_64> After an hour of tense watching, you cut through.
<Angel > wait are we at the door to the complex?
<Terrin Fox> An hour!? But I wanna kill now...
<CyberDegu_64> Congrats! you ARE NOT IN THE BUNKER! room one!
<Terrin Fox> I think he meant NOW
<Nightstalker> Is there anyone in room 1?
<CyberDegu_64> As you walk into the room, you see two doors half open, and a smashed terminal
 between them
<CyberDegu_64> You oddly notice that the lights are on too.
<Nightstalker> damn...they're wasting electricity!!! lets get these fuckers!!!!