Registration Desk

You lead Trisha towards the Registration desk while she gives you an odd look, "You haven't even registered yet?! Are you kidding me!? You should have done this way before today."
You shrug and give her a smile, while she stares in disbelief. You meet a mouse secretary at the desk who meekly asks for your name and then hands you an electronic pad with forms to fill.
"Fill it out and give to me when your done.", the mouse squeaks and begins typing at a computer terminal. You shrugs and starts filling things out.

Registering for being a StarFox RPG member is fairly easy. You simply have to e-mail or ICQ me the following Information:

  1. Your E-mail Address - Remains Confidental even to other SFRPG members
  2. (Recommended) ICQ UIN# - Other RPG members may want to keep in touch!
  3. The times and days you are free to play - Include Time Zone please
  4. Your Character's Name - Pretty obvious.
  5. Your Character's Age - Boy this is hard, but please at LEAST 16. 18+ is preferred.
  6. Your Character's Sex - I think this is easy.
  7. Your Character's Species - Any normal animal is fine. Please no humans, insects or fantasy creatures.
  8. Your Character's History - Character's history or info. Please try and be DETAILED! It's much better if you can come up with a character with a rich and lengthy background. THE MORE THE BETTER!
  9. Your Character's Skills - Stuff your character can do (ex. Piloting, Firearms, Mechanics) PLEASE INCLUDE PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING THEY CAN DO! THE MORE THE BETTER!
  10. Any Special Abilities - NO MAGIC OR SUPERHERO POWERS! Telepathy is okay because of the reference to it in the SF comic, but it is limited. Usually just some special quality that one would consider extraordinary. Ask me to elaborate if an e-mail if you are still confused.
  11. Any other Info you feel is necessary about your Character.

I recommend that you look at other members profiles (Roster section) for a better idea of what is required for this.

Remember: My e-mail address is and my ICQ UIN# is 21514433.

Do NOT use my addresses to Spam or Flame me or I will hunt you down and kill you like the dog you are!