The Roster

"Will you excuse me for just a sec, Trisha?", you say carefully.
"Something wrong?", she cocks her head slightly.
"No... I just have to do something...", you reply.
"Okay... I guess... I'll be waiting here for you.", she smiles as your walk toward the board. You quickly scan the data pad bolted there to the bottom, which is blank, and punch in a command. Another roster list jumps up and you read it over quickly, before blanking it.

LEST1 - The Shadow Crusaders

1. Avia Flyr - Leader - Status: INACTIVE - Severely wounded - Location: Cornerian Hospital OR
Jack Tarson (J. Wolfman) - XO - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Between Fortuna & Solar
Jared McConner - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Between Fortuna & Solar
Alistair Duncan - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Between Fortuna & Solar
David Miller - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Between Fortuna & Solar
Terrin Fox - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Between Fortuna & Solar
Rufus Fox-Ra - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Between Fortuna & Solar

LEST 2 - The Black Avengers

1. Saundra Phortus - Status: INACTIVE - Location: Missing in Cornerian Military Headquarters
2. Adrian Coyote - Status: INACTIVE - Location: Sector Y Base
3. Flyer Fox - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Sector Y Base
4. Mariko - Leader - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Sector Y Base
5. Tyrone Paw - XO - Status: ACTIVE - Location: Sector Y Base

Lylatian Elite Strike Team 3

1. Shade Monroe - Status: ACTIVE - Location: VISS Phoenix, Deck 4
Eric Redtalla - Status: ACTIVE - Location: VISS Phoenix, Deck 4
Dark Hawk - Status: INACTIVE - Location: VISS Phoenix, Deck 4
Hiroshi - Status: ACTIVE - Location: VISS Phoenix, Deck 4
Janos Ayanda - Status: INACTIVE - Location: VISS Phoenix, Deck 4

Note: Current roster does not display members of which I have not received official statistics from.

Current LEST Situation

The recent creation of the LESTs on June 17th was approved personally by General Pepper in an attempt push Andross' forces back through covert and overt operations. The LEST at creation had 8 members now split into two teams one of 5 and one of 3. Two new members of the second LEST have joined after the successful completion of their training scenario as did 3 new members of LEST1 after the retirement of Fang O'Riley. A third LEST team was created shortly after, it's members being quickly trained in private sessions. Their current roster is up to 5. StarFox obviously declined the opportunity to become a LEST because of comfort in their current positions in the Cornerian Military Alliance as settled by contract.

Fortuna has been freed! Reports came in not long ago indicating that Andross' forces were completely decimated by the combined efforts of StarFox, the Shadow Crusaders, and the reinforcements freed from the Katina Blockade by the Black Avengers. Casulaties on Fortuna's behalf are relatively light, having lost only a handful of pilots from the reinforcements side and various injuries to the LEST1 team. The only major loss occured with the destruction of the reinforcements from Corneria which accounts for about 160 of the 227 estimated deaths during the mission. An intial count from searchers at the crash site report approxiamately 10-25 soldiers are missing, there are no tracks or signs of survival however. Reports are sketchy as to what acually happened but apparently StarWolf ambushed the transport and then engaged with StarFox, who dispite major damage managed to repel them. The Shadow Crusaders are now being gathered at Cornerian Military HQ, including 3 new members. Rufus Fox-Ra and Jared McConner have on orders joined LEST1 in an attempt to increase their effectiveness. The third member, a previously unknown 12 year old hybrid known as Terrin Fox, receieved a special commission into the Lylatian Alliance and the LEST1 team by request of David Miller. The young fox/cat has already shown promise as a soldier at Fortuna and as a pilot in a recent Simulation. The current mission finds the Shadow Crusaders tracking a Venomian transport through space. The transport supposedly contains the 17 missing soldiers from Fortuna and so must be either captured or destroyed to prevent Venom for getting any information from the POWs. LEST1 has engaged the transports escorts, reported as 4 Wolfen class fighters. So far that's all the intelligence we have.

Upon completion of the Katina mission, LEST2, recently dubbed the Black Avengers, has been sent on a second mission to Titania, to a Venomian base known as Crusaro. Apparently a traitor to the Lylatian Alliance, Commander General Damien Davis, is being held at this base. LEST2 has offically completed this mission with great success. Davis was executed by Mariko during the siege and the disks retrieved. Currently enjoying a two week vacation to heal and regain their stamina, LEST2 is expected to do very well in their next mission.

On another more covert operation the new LEST3 team has been assigned the task of taking Venom's flagship, the VISS Phoenix, with assistance from a informant on the ship. The current communications blackout of the LEST3 teams prevents any more information at the moment. Some would judge as sending a relatively untested team out on such as important mission as foolish, but Pepper insisted that the members of LEST3 would easily integrate into a team in the field...