Saundra Phrotus

Age: 17
Sex: Female
Species: Arctic Fox

Background: Attended the Kermeshire School of the Performing Arts on Corneria and graduated from the Cornerian Flight Academy. In theory she's a Broadway star, but stage work's been slow on Corneria lately. She does freelance piloting junk for Corneria and doesn't actually *demand* payment, but she makes the Cornerians feel guilty if they don't offer it.

Skills: Singing, dancing, acting, and... umm... psychology? ^_^() She's also not too shabby at the Nanimokamo Rippa style of martial arts and both the Yagyu and Miyamoto swordsman styles. Her weapon of choice is a wooden sword or a kodachi (small longsword).

Other Info: Rather jaded and emotional. Known to thwap people with a paper fan if she's in a bad mood and they're asking for it.

Times: Fang's times look fine to me in that respect. My time pretty much matches J Wolfman's.

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