Shade Monroe

Age: 20
Shorthaired cat

Background Info: During his youth, Shade was always ready to try new things. When he was 14, Andross captured a vacation ship he was on while visiting some friends. He was picked at random for an experiment concerning the study of past lives. He was locked in a chamber and came out a completely different person. For 2 years he struggled with multiple personalities until he discovered a bandana which subdued these past lives. He has never taken off the bandana since. He went to the Cornerian Pilot Acadamy and aced the classes. He rose to become a 1st Lt. in the Mammoth Squadron. However, his days of glory were yet to be unfolded. As were his days of shame. During a hit-and-run mission on a Venomian convoy at Zoness, his wingman and two other pilots were disintegrated in a nova bomb explosion. He was expelled from the military and stripped of his rank due to charges of reckless flying. He later bought his own ship, the Tint, a black and white modified InvaderIII with some handiwork and a little Arwing and WolfenII technology. It looks like a wyvern without claws. It's more maneuverable than an Arwing and has two hyper lasers and a 5 nova bomb capasity. It does, however, have capacity for a co-pilot, hyperdrive capability, and storage space that can be converted into a bomb bay door, holding an additional 9 nova bombs for a total of 14. He is in good relations with StarFox, and is Katt's half-brother on his father's side. 

Skills:  Expert Paw-to-paw combat, pilot, sword and stave fighting.

Special Abilities: Minor telepathy and telekenesis.

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