Notes and Stuff

"Why would you want to look at some scribbles on the bulletin board? They're so boring!", Trisha asks in disbelief. You shrugs and look over the data notes over the board. Almost immediately you feel an incredile sense of boredom. You read a few more before your return to Trisha yawning.
"I warned you...", she smiles.

Special Thanks to Star Wolf for making all the wonderful advertisments and my banner! Thanks also goes out to Prowler Panther (also known as Miyu Lynx) for giving some great ideas about the RPG system and other such things and for having to read the extremely long text file that was the first set of rules (Which thankfully I've managed to cut WAY down). And finally I'd like to thank Kitt NightStalker who gave me inspiration in his own Furry RPG and allowed me to get in on the actual mechanics of that RPG which with I was able to throw most of the old complicated rules of mine out the window! More thanks go to Adrian Coyote, Avia Flyr, Greg Gant, Saundra, and Fang for supporting the RPG as much as they did!

Legal Stuff:
StarFox is © Nintendo and so is Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, Katt, Bill, Rob64, General Pepper and so on and is used without permission.

What do you expect? I'm not a lawyer...