Terrin Fox

Age: 12
Sex: Male
Species: Red Fox / Cat

Background: Not much is known about Terrin. Found at the Fortuna base by LEST1 members David Miller, he has already made a reptuation as a valuable scout and pilot. Soon after found to be one of the first stable hybrids in Lylat he was subjected to short tests that the militray stopped because of unknown reasons. He is now unofficially a part of the LEST1 team and has completed successfully, a training sim against some of the best. His past is currently unknow but his parents are deceased, apparently murdered by Wolf O'Donnell when he was 8.

Characters Skills: Skilled in piloting especially at manuevering and high speed runs. He is skilled at Computer programming and hacking. He is very Stealthy and has apparently been able to infiltrate several bases in his past. He is extremely quick and agile, apparently a result of his unique genes.

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