Tyrone Paw

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Panther

Background: Deriving from Southport in the Southern Hemisphere of Katina. At 6'3 and wearing large size 16 shoes he has blue eyes and a medium build. When he turned 18 his mom and dad who are great mechanics modified an arwing to give it a second engine one on each wing pylon and 4 lasers. Tyrone wanted to go in to mercenary work but instead chose to just fly around doing odd jobs he ran in to some trouble and stopped one of Andross' plans and now Andross wants his blood but not so much to stop hating Mccloud.

Characters Skills: Comuter Skills, Decent Pilot, Mechanics, Firearms and Paw-to-Paw combat

Special Abilities: Skilled in repairing various technology.

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