Fang O'Riley

Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species: Timberwolf

Background: Fang was born on a lush green island of Papetoon called Erin. The Reptilians from across the sea took over Erin and were very oppressive. When he was twelve, he went to Cornerian Flight Academy and returned when he was 14 for high school. After high school, he returned to Corneria to get a degree in Zoology. On graduation day, he found his parents had been killed in a Reptilian raid on his village, led by the Reptilian Prime Minister, Fafnir. Fafnir was looking for Fang's father, Michael, who was known to cripple the Reptilians by blowing up supply freighters. Michael's body was never found. The next day, Fang enlisted in the Cornerian Navy.

Characters Skills: Zoology (He knows a lot about animals), piloting (he used to be the greatest in his village at Jet speeding, a sport that involves riding a jet-ski type vehicle that hovers over land or water.), Swordsmanship (not the best at it, but he is okay with a rapeir, which is able to draw plasma blasts fired at him in the swords magnetic field and fire them back, if he is able to stop the blast quickly enough, which doesn't happen a lot.)

Time I can be on: possibly semi late (around 8:30 or 9:00) on Friday or Saturday nights. (central time)

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