Cornerian Military Headquarters

Last Updated: October 12, 1999

Lylatians have taken up arms again the Venomian Threat
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The transport slowly descends and lands on the tarmac. The main hatch swings open as you and several other Lylatians step out on the landing pad of the emense military base. Duffel bag slung over your shoulder, you stride over to the line of officers greeting the new arrivals.

A light tap on the shoulder makes you jump a few feet. Once you recover, you whirl to find yourself nose to nose with a young, lithe, female racoon wearing a pilot jumpsuit. She smiles, "Sorry, I wasn't planning to give you a heart attack there...", she giggles slightly, "I'm Trisha. You're new around you aren't you?" You nod slightly, and before you can say anything, she continues. "I'll show you around then...", she smiles broadly and leads you to the broad metal doors of the main building on the base, guarded by two bulldogs.... You walk past the security detail, flashing your ID card. The two bulldogs posted at the barracks seem uninterested, obviously more concerned with slacking off then their post. You shrug and continue through the doorway with Trisha who gives you a wink.

As you enter the main foyer, you notice many officers and pilots moving to and from their assignments. There are a handful of civilians about as well, mostly hired for the information booth which is a few meters ahead or the registration desk off to the right. A large bulletin board is set on the far wall. Several Cornerians are gathered around there looking over the Casualty List with worry or checking the roster, the current news from the front, or an offical looking military document. A door a ways away from the door sports the sign: "Military Archive - Restricted Access", no doubt it holds hundreds of frontline reports and secrets.Then of course is the flight deck's large portal, where several military transports and fighter craft are lined up ready to go.

"So where did you want to go first?", Trisha speaks up, over the din of the crowd. You open your mouth to speak, but your voice is quickly drowned out by cheering. Apperently some good news has came through the holodisplay tucked in the corner of the huge room. You instead point out to Trisha where you wanted to go and she grins and nods.

You both push your way through the crowd who seem totally absorbed by the last victory even the guards. You make it out of the main stream intact and head towards your destination...

Where to go...? Where to go...?

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