Star Fox RPG Extras, Downloads, and Thanks

Last Updated: December 8, 2001.

    Here's where I give out all the goodies that go with creating such on RPG. Downloads of optional files and credit that those that deserve can all be found here. After all I can't be a glory hog and say that I did all of this all by myself and such... that would be wrong. So very ego boosting... but wrong. So essentially this is where I stuff all the things that you don't REALLY need but it's always a good thing to view. So... without further adieu here is that bunch of stuff!

- Terrin Akai Fox             

--- Special Thanks ---

    Thanks goes out to Prowler Panther (also known as Miyu Lynx) for giving some great ideas about the RPG system and other such things and for having to read the extremely long text file that was the first set of rules (Which thankfully I've managed to cut WAY down). And finally I'd like to thank Kitt NightStalker who gave me inspiration in his own Furry RPG and allowed me to get in on the actual mechanics of that RPG which with I was able to throw most of the old complicated rules of mine out the window for a more kinder and easy RPG system. More thanks go to Avia Flyr, Greg Gant, Saundra, and Fang for supporting the RPG as much as they did in the beginning. As well to Chris Sponable's credit is keeping my morale up to keep this thing going all the way to the present, and to J. Wolfman who's always willing to help out when things get too hectic. Ah yes and to Neil Thomas my FA2020 teacher for giving me an excuse to update this blasted site after a couple years. Thanks everyone!

--- Optional Files ---

    Not many files to download here yet. One mainstay however has been the package of Sound Effects that are usable to those using an IRC client in the RPG sessions (Especially MSChat). Essentially you download and unzip (using WinZip) the file below into a directory and in MSChat set your sound source folder (under Options) to this new folder you made. Anytime someone uses the sound, you will be able to hear it too! Unfortunately this practice hasn't become regular in the chats yet, but perhaps with time it will take.


SFRPG and its rules and playing system are copyright Terrin Fox, aka David Thurlow. Star Fox, Fox McCloud, Andross and related characters are copyright Nintendo, all rights reserved, and are used without permission.