All The Info You Need To Join!

Last Updated: December 8, 2001.

        This is the information, FAQ, Rules, Requirements, Notation and general data area. You'll find everything you need to get started in the StarFox RPG. I suggest that everyone even thinking of join should read this through in its entirety. Why? Because this RPG is made for a certain type of person. Someone intelligent, creative and fun to talk to. There are times when I have received applications with maybe 5 lines in them. Sorry... that's not going to cut it. But an even greater number of applications have come to me that explicitly break my rules...  or attempt to circumvent them. This really makes me frustrated so do not attempt to do this. Which in comes to the rules you will find I am strict. Why? I have witnessed too many RPGs and Sims fall to crossovers, magical powers, super-god characters. Not this one. Deal with it.
    On a lighter note those who have RPed before (This does NOT include video games) or those experienced fan fiction writers I have found make excellent players in this RPG. If you fall into this category, please by all means continue. If not, don't be discouraged as long as you follow the rules you should be fine. If you come here thinking you will dominate over all others in the RPG and conquer Lylat please use the Back button on your browser now. Thanks.

- Terrin Akai Fox           

--- Frequently Asked Questions ---

    A lot of people who may be thinking of joining don't know a single thing about TRUE Role Playing Games. I'm sure all of you played some sort of video games that in the magazines are listed as Role Playing Games or RPGs. This RPG is not a video game and has little in common with it. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about true RPGs and RPGing. Those who haven't played a game like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun etc. please have a look.

  1. What is an RPG or Role Playing Game?
    Some might say that it's those video games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Technically that's correct but not in the sense of this RPG. This is a game where you take control of a character in a made up world. You get to fight, talk and interact like in real life. The outcomes of your actions are determined by rolling dice and applying rules. You could impress a high ranking official or you could end up being charged with treason in the same scenario. You have to react to changing situations like in real life so in a way an RPG is like playing someone in a more exciting life.

  2. What is a Gamemaster or GM?
    The gamemaster acts as a god in this made up world. He controls what it looks like, what it feels like, what hazards await. He also usually plays every single other person in the world, also known as NPCs or Non-Player Characters, except those that the player's have. He also determines whether an attack lands or misses, whether a player succeeds or fails and so on. To be fair to the players all of that is done with random dice rolls with strict rules, fortunately in this RPG players need to know little of how the dice rolls work. GMs decisions are final and arguing with one is a VERY bad idea.

  3. What do the player control then?
    Simple. All players control their individually created characters, or their alternate self in this world. They can say what they want to do, and declare that their trying to do it. What actually happens because of it is up to the GM, though. They can talk among each other to NPCs, move like any normal person can around the environment. Like life, Players decide what the characters want to do and like life sometimes you win sometimes you lose. A note: The more detailed your actions are described the less likely the GM will misinterpret and sometimes screw you up good.

  4. How do you know what a character can do?
    This is done using Character Statistics. Basically it's quantifying your character's individual strengths and weakness, putting numbers to them to see how easily your character can do certain things. Maybe your character is the big brawn type that has loads of muscles but maybe he's slow or clumsy. All characters are balanced in this way using the rules that GMs know and follow and that you hardly see. Sometimes though people find a way around these rules and create super-characters that can beat almost everything. Those that do this are known collectively as Munchkins, God-moders, or Power-gamers.

  5. How do you RPG anyway?
    There are many ways, some sit around a table in the same room and talk about what they are doing, some chat over the internet, some even correspond over e-mail. In all case people gather and just say what they're doing while the GM handles things. This RPG does this over a chat room, the type depending on the GM's preference. In all cases however the players MUST be patient with the GM. Most players have no idea how much work is involved in being a GM. Not too mention some of us are slow typers...

  6. What are the rules behind the scenes?
    I'm sorry but I'm not willing to divulge that information to everyone. I have worked hard on the 'rules light' version of this RPG system and I'm not going to see the same system employed elsewhere without my explicit permission. Most player figure out a lot of the rules during play and I have no problem with that so if you really want a bit of an idea join up!

  7. How do I join?
    Read the rest of this page and then go to the application page and fill it out. Please be sure you meet all the requirements and plan to stay for a long period of time. You should also note that is does take a LOT of patience to join this RPG, both in the sigh up process and during the game itself, please don't harass me or the GMs during this time, it's an easy way to get booted.

    Hope fully this will answer more of your questions, if not please feel free to ask. You can drop me an e-mail at or find me on ICQ #21514433. Do not use this information to harass me, you have been warned.

--- Rules ---

    The rules below for your information are rather strict in most area, specifically in the area of Character Creation. Please make sure you follow this rules carefully.  Do not try to find a way around them as this is not a good path to go in this RPG. Note: The most strongly enforced rules are at the top of this list. Be sure not to break them.

  1. Keep the storyline and your character in the StarFox universe. Absolutely NO Star Wars, Star Trek, or ANY other series' characters, weapons, technology, ideas are allowed unless accepted as what the world of Star Fox may possess. This includes but is not limited to lightsabres, phasers etc. Also note there is no magic powers or Dragon Ball Z like abilities. Any submission that breaks this rule WILL be ignored.

  2. Your species or race is restricted to mundane, non-fantasy, non-magical animals including birds, mammal, reptiles, amphibians. Dragons, winged animals, kitsunes, unicorns etc. are not acceptable. Also note you may not be an insect or arachnid. Why? Because I said so...

  3. Powergaming, Munchkinism, Godmoding, and otherwise making your character more powerful that is physically possible is prohibited. This is carefully controlled by the rules but in some instances the characters must refrain from doing this. Breaking this rule during game play is dangerous. GM are know to be especially cruel and malicious to powergamers.

  4. The GM or Gamemaster is god during gameplay... You cannot argue with his/her decisions, period. Doing so will get the GM mad... which is not advisable. If you feel the GM is being cruel or malicious to your character for absolutely no reason you are within your right to complain to me, Terrin Fox afterwards. Otherwise you follow the GM instructions/decisions.

  5. In this RPG you as a player can only control the actions of your character. You do not control your surroundings, the enemy, friendly characters, whether they are player controlled or not. You also do not control your character's situation, health status, or result of their attempted actions. As a result you may declare that you shoot an enemy perhaps, but the GM and only the GM determines if you hit them, and if so where. This is the basis of gameplay in the RPG. Do not break it.

  6. All equipment your character uses is given out by the GM. It's all fine and good to say you have a custom Arwing or fighter, but you don't use it unless the GM tells you may. This applies to everything from guns to knives and computers. If you wish to use a certain piece of equipment most GMs will let you request equipment during the start of a mission, within reason.

  7. You must fulfill all requirements to join the RPG, as listed below. Please do this BEFORE you attempt to join. There has been much frustration over players who do not do this so please make sure you have everything in order.

  8. Keep things realistic and rather sane and above all play your character accurately. This is called being In Character or IC and it goes a long way in an RPG. But of course there are extremes where you may try and play your character so accurately that you forget common sense. Try not to do this... characters that lose their sense make real good targets.

  9. Please leave all personal disputes, problems etc. out of this RPG. This wastes valuable playing time as well as stressing the players and GM out. We're all friends in this RPG though so if you do need something resolved feel free to come to us afterwards.

  10. Please be prepared for an RPG session. Be there and be on time or else give notice that you will be coming late or will not be able to attend. This is a growing problem in this RPG and as such it will begin to be enforced stronger if this tend continues. I'd advise you to pay close attention to announcements and e-mails sent.

    Please be sure to observe these rules... failure to do so will usually get you a warning, but of course eventually you will be removed from the RPG and your character, regrettably killed off in a nasty fashion. Yes those who have been in the RPG for a while, this DOES include rule 10 (Or X) so please let people know unless you'd like to leave the RPG.

--- Requirements ---

    Self explanatory, most of these are required for you to play... All are recommended. Please make sure you meet these requirements BEFORE you submit an application as it does save everyone a lot of trouble. Thank you.

  1. A whole pile of spare time. RPGs can go on for hours and hours if the players and GM are up to it. The record for longest RPG Session in this SFRPG is 12 hours... straight. Most sessions run about 3 to 5 hours depending.

  2. A e-mail address. Any e-mail address. Just so you receive important notices from me or your GM regarding changes, new players, game times etc.

  3. A chat program. Currently LEST1 and VEST1 are using IRC clients like mIRC, while LEST2 and VEST1 are using ICQChat. Please be sure to get the program used by the group you wish to join.

  4. A schedule. All RPG session times must be coordinated so that as many players can come as physically possible. If you join you should make sure to clear time in your schedule to play when your team is scheduled or arrange to change it.

  5. A creative mind. Sorry but if you don't like reading books or never used your imagination in your life this is NOT for you. We welcome everyone but those who have played TRUE RPGs before or have written fanfics are especially welcomed.

  6. All players are RECOMMENDED to install ICQ to keep in touch with GMs and fellow players. This is just for a sense of community and helpfulness that the RPG has kept so far.

  7. A character. Submit one by going to the applictaion page which is the Join Now button above obviously. The GM will create Character Statistics for you unless you wish to have a hand in it.

--- RPG Chat Notation ---

    In all RPG Sessions a common notation is used to indicate what your character is doing and to separate his actions from what he may be saying or yelling etc. As such all of the common notation you will see in an RPG session are listed below, please make sure to observe them carefully.

"   "

Indicates that your character is saying what is within the quotation marks. eg. "Report in."
*    * Indicates that your character is doing what is with in the asterisks. eg. *barrel rolls to reflect fire*
(     ) Indicates that your character is whispering what is within the parenthesis. eg. (This is horrible)
^   ^ Indicates that your character is yelling what is within the parenthesis. eg. ^Slippy! Watch out!^
{    } Indicates that your character is thinking what is within the parenthesis. eg. {Well THAT was stupid...}
OOC Means you are talking out of character and out of the game. eg. OOC Be right back. Supper.
::   :: Same as above though commonly used for OOC actions. eg. ::bonks Andross on the head::
Name> Indicates that your character is talking or refering only to 'Name' eg. Fox> "Trust your instincts!"
Name: For GMs controlling NPCs. Means 'Name' is talking/doing this eg. Fox: "We're StarFox!"
AYAD? Short for And You Are Doing...? Prompt from GM for you to do something! eg. Terrin> AYAD?
D10 For GMs. Players must pick a number between 1 and 10. eg. D10     Fox: 5    Falco: 2

    Other notation may pop up from time to time as well... just try to go with the flow, it's easier than it looks.

SFRPG and its rules and playing system are copyright Terrin Fox, aka David Thurlow. Star Fox, Fox McCloud, Andross and related characters are copyright Nintendo, all rights reserved, and are used without permission.