So You Want to Join Now?

Last Updated: December 8, 2001.

    So you want to join. Good! We here at the SFRPG are always looking for new members as long as we have spots to put you. Which at the moment we have lots of. In order to join you must have completely filled out an application form which is below or else sent a similarly formatted e-mail to me at You also must know the rules in making a new character, which are found in the Information section. Similarly you MUST have all the components required to play, also found in the Information section, BEFORE you apply. This has been happening much too often with some of the newer applicants and I don't want it to be an ongoing thing. 
    Please be sure that when filling out your application you are as thorough as you possibly can. This is especially a good idea for your background information as it impresses me a lot to see a well thought out character history. This is also to insure that the character is created and given stats that follow as close as possible with your desired character idea. If you have all this please feel free to go ahead and do the application as long as you keep everything I've said in mind. 
    Currently we have few openings in any LEST or VEST team, but an ocassional opening does pop up when a Gamemaster is willing. For information about them please check out their sections on this site. Please note that since space is limited in some cases, preference will be given to more well thought out characters. The reason for this being that those who do not create such characters tend to conflict with this RPG's style and most often with the Gamemasters as well. As since this is a rather tight grouping here, we really don't want that kind of thing happening regularly. Please keep this in mind while you submit a character. Thank you.

- Terrin Akai Fox           

Character Application Form

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Your Character's Species:
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Character Strengths/Weaknesses:
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