The Lylat War Situation Report

Last Updated: December 8, 2001.

    So you want to know the history and such of the RPG and where it's coming from and how everyone is doing... Okay sure. Welcome to the flavor page where I get to show how the war is going, news reports, maps, current events, front lines and all that good stuff is show here so you know what you're getting into. Or something like that. Have a look around and such, you will find all you need to follow along the events that surround our heroes and villians. If any player and/or GM wishes to contribute to this area please let me know as I would look to get a different view and approach to doing this part.

- Terrin Akai Fox           

--- Front Lines and Occupied Planets ---

Front Line is shown by Blue and Green Lines. Dots in Space represent large gathering of space units, while dots on planets indicate main defensive and resupply bases. Green is Venomian Empire and Blue is Lylat Alliance. 

--- Recent News Report ---

--- Previous News Reports ---

Welcome to Lylat Today, first edition of Lylat's comeback with your news anchor Darell Janson.

    "Thank you. As you all know the war between self proclaimed Emperor Andross and the now consolidated Lylat Alliance has been going badly, lack in war technology near the start of the war cost several planets to Andross secretly amassed army of advanced war machines. StarFox, the elite mercenary team has helped greatly in repelling the onslaught from the Alliance's main worlds. But even their efforts are not enough to fully turn the tide in the war. In recent weeks the sudden appearance of another group of experienced combat pilots, calling themselves StarWolf have constantly hampered our forces efforts, especially those made by StarFox. But in a press conference today, General Pepper, commander of Lylat's forces addressed these concerns and hinted at a new plan to push Andross forces back and give us a significant edge in the days of battle to come." [Cutaway to General Pepper's speech] "... the push to reach Corneria by Androssian forces will be stopped here and now! We have come a long way in our efforts to bring our technology and training to a level where we can efficiently combat the different forces of this mad dictator. And in the near future there will be a powerful thrust back at our attacker perhaps not in numbers but in pinpoint accuracy. The military has a new ace up it's sleeve..." [Cut back to anchor] "Experts speculate that the new war effort will be concentrated to covert ops and pinpoint strike on key areas of the enemy's territory, though other rumors have been flying about what exactly General Pepper is planning."


Welcome to Lylat Today, edition 2 of Lylat's comeback with your news anchor Darell Janson.

    "Thank you. A cheer of victory today as Andross' forces were repelled from Fortuna with the combined efforts of StarFox, newly liberated Katinian reinforcements, and a small team of some of Lylat's best soldiers and pilots. As we speak the reinforcements are securing Fortuna and enhancing it's defenses to resist future attacks. The casualty list for this massive blood bath on our side was an estimated 227 deaths. Most of which were Cornerian soldiers onboard the transports that were destroyed by StarWolf. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the brave souls that died. However a preliminary search team has discovered that there are approximately 17 Lylatians unaccounted for among the wreckage so far. Further information is being withheld at the request of the military. The reinforcements from Katina however remain a mystery, as Andross newly erected blockade on Katina was not destroyed or repelled though sources on planet indicate that there were visible explosions in the night sky a few days before. There has been no report of capital ship movement in our forces to Katina as the military has stated and they report that unfortunately the blockade remains. Plans about destroying the capital ship blocking this important are reportedly 'In the works'  In other news, General Pepper has made a startling declaration that the young stable hybrid fox/cat found at Fortuna has been released into the custody of David Miller, a mercenary who not long ago threatened the doctors at the Cornerian General Hospital. Pepper insists that it is in the best interest of the young boy, and refuses to subject him to further testing as it may be inhumane and difficult in the boys young age. His name has been withheld by request of the military."


Welcome Lylat Today, edition 3 of Lylat's comeback, with your news anchor Darell Janson.

    "Thank you. Another victory for the Lylat Alliance today as Crusaro Base, a heavily guarded Venomian Air Defense base deep behind enemy lines on Titania has fallen to our forces. The base was obliterated by a heavy air strike not long ago, after Intelligence found a weak point in their defenses. A preliminary landing team has completed reinforcing the air in order to establish a Lylatian base near the remains of the heavy installation. Recent reports indicate that Lylat forces have successfully defended it against multiple attacks and have established a firm foothold on Titania in which to launch further attacks. Meanwhile further attempts by Venomian forces to capture Fortuna have failed, adding another victory to the sudden multitude of them. Casualties for both operations was minimal with only 42 accounted dead and 11 MIA. And also we have news of the initial 17 missing from Fortuna. Six of them were recently recovered from a Venomian transport not far from the Front lines at Solar. One more of the 17 was reportedly killed during the rescue attempt."


Welcome Lylat Today, edition 4 of Lylat's comeback, with your news anchor Amber Wilkson.

    "Thank you. Darell Janson has the night off. In the news today another victory for Lylatian forces in the seemingly endless list of victories over the past few weeks. The Venomian flagship, known as the VISS Phoenix was successfully captured by a combined force of veteran pilot and covert op specialist with the support of the main naval forces. While the heavy carrier was severely damaged in the upper level decks the much needed carrier is repairable and is currently being retooled in an undisclosed dry dock in Lylatian space. This victory is a heavy blow for Venomian troops who have been suffering many losses in the past while. Unknown sources credit the victories to a newly formed crack team of specialists though the military denies the existence of such a team, saying quote, 'The allocation of Lylat specialist to a main core unit would be spreading our forces thin and be a risk that we would only take in the most extreme circumstances.' "

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