The Lylat and Venomian Elite Strike Teams!

Last Updated: December 8, 2001.

       Welcome to the main place to be in this website. At least one of a couple. Here you'll find the LEST and VEST websites and main information listing, including a lot of little goodies! Currently there are 2 LEST teams and one VEST team, however there are very few spots left over thanks to a lack of Gamemasters. You are welcome to sign up on the good guys side by clicking on the Join Now! button above, but please first have a careful look at our rules. Because of limited space and the kind of playing environment we wish to achieve you must have a well thought out character that is sensible and doesn't God-mode. A good idea to get some ideas and balance is to have a look around in these sections here for character profiles. Most sites will give you a good idea of what is expected in a character. Most LESTs and the VEST by now have a badge for their team as well, which are here if they were provided. Thanks and enjoy!

- Terrin Akai Fox           

Badge created by Terrin Fox

--- LEST1: Shadow Crusaders ---

  • Current GM: Terrin Fox (David Thurlow)

  • Current Commander: Jack Tarson

  • Current Executive Officer: None

  • Member List: Jack Tarson (Captured), David Miller (MIA), Alistair Duncan (MIA), Jared McConner (Captured), Kayn Slamdyke (Captured), Zenobia Steadfast (Active), Terrin Fox (NPC, Recovering)

  • Current Mission Status: Mission 4 - Silo Siege - INCOMPLETE and IN PROGRESS (May be Scrapped)

  • Previous Missions: Training Mission (Beta Test), Fortuna Under Siege, Life or Death Rescue, Triarch Base Retrival

Badge created by Mariko, Thanks!

--- LEST 2: The Black Avengers ---

  • Current GM: Jason Wolfman

  • Current Commander: Mariko

  • Current Executive Officer: Flyer Fox

  • Member List: Mariko (Active), Tyrone Paw (Active), Flyer Fox (Active), Vrika O'Donnell (Active), Claudia Jensen (Active), Shrianna (Inactive?)

  • Current Mission Status: ???

  • Previous Missions: Katina Blockade, Crusaro Base, Jonmara Station, Darkmouth Plains, Deerlick Station, Operation Playing Judas, Meet the Hunters

--- VEST 1: The Night Wings ---

  • Current GM: Reba Sting / Fox McCloud (aka Vrika O'Donnell LEST2)

  • Current Commander: Darien Tavis

  • Current Executive Officer: None

  • Members List: Darien Tavis (Active), Mercédes deLéon (Active), Minamoto (Inactive), Stripes Bobcat (Active)

  • Current Mission Status: ???

  • Previous Missions: Operation TGF, Movement Ainih, The Moles

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