The SFRPG Schedule and Game Times

Last Updated: December 8, 2001.

    Okay, Here is a nice easy to use guide to see when and where each SFRPG Team will be playing including times in multiple time zones. If you aren't sure when a team will be playing or if play has been canceled come here to check it out. This well be carefully updated as needed. Please not that if you are not a player and intend to use these times to drop in on a session you should do so quietly and respectfully. Each GM of course reserves the right to kick you out of the session and in some cases ban you from the channel. Of course telling, e-mailing a GM to stay you want to watch is an excellent idea if you happen up upon it. Also those that come to watch don't expect to use it as an easy way into this RPG. Suddenly spouting off that you have a character ready and you can RPG right now doesn't make you more likely to get in. You go through the proper channels like everyone else. Please feel free to ask about this page if the layout confuses you. I'll be happy to help.

- Terrin Akai Fox           

LEST 1: Shadow Crusaders' Schedule

Usual Session: Saturdays 1:00pm Central using IRC, ICQNet Server, #StarFoxRPG

Current Mission: Mission 4 - Silo Siege

Session Time Changes: None

LEST 2: Black Avengers' Schedule

Usual Session: Alternating Saturdays 7:00pm Central using ICQ Chat (Message for invite)

Current Mission: Mission 8 - Meet the Hunters?

Session Time Changes: None

VEST 1: Night Wings' Schedule

Usual Session: Fridays 6:00pm Central using IRC, ICQNet Server, #StarFoxRPG (Usually)

Current Mission: Mission ???

Session Time Changes: None

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